Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I search, I apply, and I wait

It's tough not to expect immediate results when searching for a job. As I've said, looking for a job is a job in itself and when I spend all day looking for a job - I expect some results from all my hard work. However I have to remember that these things take time, and I am facing an unprecedented economy where there are probably more job seekers than there are jobs. I imagine HR departments across the country are trying to find a way to sift through the deluge of applicants coming in for their open positions.

Aside from researching and sending "blindly", I have been networking with people I know - but honestly that is just a small fraction of the amount of time I spend on a daily basis searching for a job. What really eats up the time is researching, getting cover letters ready, and applying for jobs outside of my network. Is it worth it to continue spending that time and effort when I am probably not going to find a job that way? I'm not sure, but I am going to continue doing it. I have yet to get a response from my efforts, but I believe (and hope) one will be coming shortly.

UPDATE: 2/13/09
I have yet to get a response from my "blind" efforts of sending out resumes to companies who are posting jobs or companies I have targeted. I am however, having some interest from recruiters and for contract positions. I am also meeting with competitors of my former employer, along with some of my former co-workers who were also laid off. I am thinking that sending blind resumes is fruitless, but as I have time - I will continue to do it - b/c you never know where that opportunity is going to come from. In a tight economy, the "blind resume market" may dry up some.

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