Thursday, October 27, 2011

NO Teargas or Flashbangs in the Streets of San Francisco

Dear Mayor Lee, Supervisor Chu, and Supervisor Chiu:

I am writing about the upcoming planned police raid on the Occupy SF protesters in Justin Herman Plaza. I ask that the SFPD be directed to show restraint when removing protesters from the plaza. I absolutely will not tolerate a repeat of Oakland in the streets of San Francisco. Mayor Quan and the Oakland PD's decision to use flashbangs, tear gas, and non-lethal projectiles on a crowd of protesters is appalling, embarrassing, and regrettable. Such a decision in San Francisco will surely make the situation worse. I, for one, have no desire to protest. I work. I own property. I pay taxes. However the moment the city government makes it clear that people will be treated with violence in the streets when peacefully assembling, my sentiment will change and I believe it will for many others as well.

I have expressed my right to assemble and my right to free speech in San Francisco several times before, and have always been impressed with SFPD's professionalism in balancing that right with public safety. Please continue with that positive track record now.

Best Regards,
Craig Given

Mayor Ed Lee (San Francisco): mayoredwinlee {{at}}
Supervisor Chu (Sunset District): Carmen.Chu {{at}}
Supervisor Chiu (Financial District): David.Chiu {{at}}

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank You Steve Jobs

Very sad, and ironic that the news was delivered to me on a device that he had so much to do with. He helped revolutionized the PC, the music, the internet, and mobile industries - to name a few. Apple was clearly not the same without him while announcing the iphone 4S yesterday. His death was certainly premature for his age, but the man accomplished 3 lifetimes worth of work and contribution. His death is a blow to technology. He will be missed, but more importantly he deserved a retirement. Much respect. RIP.