Monday, February 16, 2009

Extra Green for Being Green?

Ok, it's soap box time. Why do some businesses charge a "green fee" for being environmentally friendly? It is such a bogus fee. They are passing on the cost of doing business the way they SHOULD be doing business to the consumer. I know there are some music festivals, in particular, that you could add a fee to the already over taxed ticket price to "green up" your experience. So if I don't pay the fee, then they will not be green about running the event?

My experience at the Sundance Kabuki movie theater on Fillmore/Geary in San Francisco last night got me started. They charged me a $3 per ticket "amenities fee" (and on top of that they have a complicated pricing structure for the fee depending on when you are there - ??? - as if time of day makes a difference?).

When inquired about it, and also posted on their website, the fee is because they used recycled materials in building the theaters, and because they use real butter on their popcorn, and because they use compostable materials at their concessions, among others. That's all great, but that is what they SHOULD be doing. Why do I have to pay an extra fee for it? They say it is because they are providing me with a "superior experience", but they should be doing that without the extra fee. So without the fee I would be getting an "unsuperior experience"? (Read the "Our Amenities" section on their website for their reasoning)

Do it like any other business and work your costs into the price of your product. If you truly have a superior product, people will continue to come back. Don't do the right thing, and then charge an extra and added fee for it!

I sent them an email expressing my displeasure about it. If I get a response, I will post it.

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