Friday, July 1, 2011


We went out of Homer, AK today fishing for Halibut. We also caught a few Yelloweye and Lingcod. Halibut put up quite a fight! My arms are sore, but the fight is all the fun. Lingcod and Yelloweye are more heavy than they are fighters.

Due to Alaskan state law, we could only keep 2 Halibut per person (per day). They are very strict in that you need a license to fish. The seasons for fishing are also short and for some species they impose rules like "no bait" to make it harder. These rules are adhered to and strictly enforced, all part of an effort to fish in a sustainable manner.

I understand now more than before why most fish in our markets is farmed (especially salmon). Commercially fishing some of these delicate areas would be devastating to these ecosystems.

Tomorrow we are going on the Kenai River for King Salmon, as the season just opened on 7/1 for that species. I'm excited for the adventure, and the opportunity to bring home some wild caught Kings (superior to farmed).

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