Monday, June 28, 2010

Cape of Good Hope

Today we stood at the Cape of Good Hope and had the obligatory photo
taken of us by the famous sign. A cheesy tourist thing to do, but a
must nonetheless. More important than being at the tip of the Cape is
the journey to get there. The landscape is majestic. Think Big Sur
meets Hawaii. In addition we visited an ostrich farm where I fed some
(they are big creatures) and visited Kirstenbosch; a botanical garden
dedicated to preserving local flora. I hugged a big Baobab tree there.
We decided to eat at a nice restaurant this evening. I had wharthog.
It tasted like pork tenderloin with a hint of game. Very enjoyable
meal and great value for money compared to the US. Tomorrow we are
headed to wine country to learn about South African wines. We are
keenly aware that we are headed to harsher conditions in Botswana day
after next, so enjoying the European feel of Cape Town while we can.

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