Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where does he keep his MUNI pass?

Saw this guy on the N-Judah on my way into work. He got the floor all wet and sandy. :-/ Don't think I've ever seen a surfer on MUNI (even though it goes to the beach).

I submitted this image to muni diaries, so let's see if they post it. Although, I am a little perturbed at them for deciding to take down a picture of a woman nearly passed out on a bus who looks just like Whitney Houston (not the pretty version of her). Pushing the envelope (which they claim to do sometimes) means people will get upset, but it doesn't necessarily mean you should take something down b/c a few people complained. Here's the post, and here's the photo they took down.

My comments to muni diaries about taking down that pic:
Totally disagree with the decision to take that photo down. I mean, you have a photo posted of a used cherry flavored condom – no one objected to that? If I were you I would keep posting until a letter from an attorney comes in. THAT’S pushing the envelope. Furthermore, having people outraged is good publicity. You can’t please everyone.

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