Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Really Goode Ride

They announced the Top 10 for the Murphy Goode Winery's "really goode job" today, and I was not on the list. :-( It was an honor to be supported, publicized, and encouraged by my friends, colleagues, family, and people they know - so thank you all for the support. I realized though, realistically, that the odds of being on that Top 10 list were against me. However, I was quite proud to have made the Top 50 out of nearly 2,000 applicants, and I believe the show of support I had from people helped. Wow, what an honor! Thank you!

Reflecting on the process to reach the Top 10, there was a huge focus on the video itself however I think there came a point in the process where it was not all about the video. The video got you noticed (and provided a barrier to entry for the 'not so sure' applicant or the technically challenged one), but your experience got you further in this process I believe. I definitely have the technical and professional acumen for the job, which likely carried me into the Top 50 - but probably lacked in media and culinary/wine industry experience to make the Top 10. It's not clear what Murphy Goode is looking for in a candidate exactly, but since it is a job process and not a contest - I imagine the most well rounded applicants in their eyes prevailed in the Top 10.

C'est la vie as they say! I had a great time being creative, making the video (thanks again Brent & Estella for creative input), breaking down personal barriers, and meeting people via social networking. I still think it's possible that my work & experience here could lead to something. Like, maybe I'll get some calls from people about something or other, eh? o_O

There were certainly some noteworthy people when it came to votes and views, like Martin Sargent ~the overall vote leader with thousandSSSS of votes and views (who wasn't selected to the Top 50 somehow :-/ )~ but I thought I'd mention that the shortened link to my video that I created and publicized (http://tr.im/goode) received over 1,000 clicks as of this post! I had some big days too; like ~300 clicks on May 21st when I launched my video, ~100 on May 29th after a little self-promotion, ~125 on June 26th when I made the Top 50! People viewed my video mostly in the United States; but also in Sweden, France, Germany (@AndysGoodeLife?), The United Kingdom, Slovenia, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, China, Mexico, Georgia, and Taiwan! (Whoa!) -- As of this post YouTube shows my video received over 1,100 views! Not too shabby, if I can toot my own horn for a sec! Hey, it is my blog afterall. :-)

But Craig, what we really want to know is -- who do YOU think is going to get the job? Well, I am not going to be politically correct here, say something cheesy like "they all should get the job", and pretend I don't have a pick in mind on who I think is going to get the job! Based on what I've seen of people online, I'd put my money on Todd Havens with Hardy Wallace a close toss up. Good luck fellas. Of course though, Goode Luck to all Top 10 candidates!


  1. What a great ride this has been, Craig!

    I agree with you on a few points:

    You bet you can leverage the Murphy-Goode Vibes for further gigs! You have shown some great chops and you can bet that significant *other* wineries have noticed. Keep your name upfront of the MG action (support the successful applicant whenever/whereever you can) and toss us a post or three along the way from your own network about anything wine... (and if you tweet it to me, I will toot your horn too!). That is one great way to keep up your visual impact and influence these wineries!

    I agree also that you have the tech acumen but *now* you also have ONE more experience you did not have before: a successful "Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent" campaign under your belt... you are well on the way to "media" points... (so bake an omlette and video it or find other ways to get a foot in the culinary scene *smile*).

    I may go so far as to say that Todd has great chances and Hardy is a genuine character... but I am rooting for someone else!

    Thanks for the mention, Craig. Don't drop out of the MG scene, pick and choose and who knows? The next time someone says: "looking for a social media whiz", you will be in the perfect position to say: I am your man!

  2. Totally agree with you, Craig...I don't know what Murphy-Goode is looking for, either.

    All I know from my days in casting is that they have probably held many, many meetings to define exactly what they're looking for...and then through compromises and heated debates, they have arrived with their Top 50 and now their Top 10 which may have gone against several of their original ideas.

    I think we've all been surprised with the selects to date...some amazing people who haven't advanced for reasons which we'll never know.

    Your FAIL video was a welcomed break from the crowd (including my own resume-ish vid) and I think it was a risk that paid off greatly...so congrats!

    As for placing your bets on me and Hardy, your support is humbling and much appreciated, amigo. Thanks so much. :)

  3. Even though you weren't hired in the end, you produced a great video and the escalating hits on youtube show that!!! I agree that you've definitely made a mark - I think other wineries would definitely take notice of your efforts and creativity here!!

  4. Craig,

    Thank you very much, I appreciate being where you'd place you money (or at least part of it)!
    ; )

    At the very least- MG got your skills in front of thousands and thousands of people-- Your video was great! Like Todd said, it was a welcome change in pace from all the videos streaming in.

    The wine industry is taking notice-- Keep pushing out creative content. You have skills!

    I look forward to seeing more!