Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reduce your Recycling

(Belated Earth Day Post)
I noticed sometime last year that my household had made such a great effort to recycle and compost, that we had hardly any trash -- but our recycling bin was always nearly full when it was time to put the trash out. Surely there is something wrong with that! One of the things that seemed to really fill it up fast too was glass and plastic bottles from sparking water.

We drink sparking water - a lot of it. I used to buy cases of it at Trader Joe's and have to carry it out to the car, into the house, then eventually out in the recycling. We found a great alternative to all that hassle and extra recycling: Seltzer Sisters!

Seltzer Sisters delivers sparkling water in those old-fashioned containers (except these are plastic instead of glass). They drop off 2 fresh cases (6 to a case) every few weeks, take the empties back, and reuse them. The water is purified and delicious, and we have a lot of fun using the bottles.

I get the impression they are a small operation, as the delivery guy only comes through every so often - but they call to remind you to put your bottles out when it's time. They are in Redwood City but deliver to me in SF, and pretty much the whole Bay Area.

You have to pay an initial deposit on the bottles, but you get that back when you eventually end up canceling. Bottles are $2.75/each and there is a $6 delivery charge every time they come. It ends up being about $3.50 a bottle. I have 2 cases in rotation (the minimum), but you can always order more if needed (ie: a party). Overall well worth it for the convenience, the great water, and the reduced recycling!

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