Monday, March 16, 2009

Job Search | Plan B

Well the economy must *really* be bad. I am still without work after nearly 7 weeks. Any illusion that (because of my experience and education) I was somehow immune to this downturn and would find a job quickly has faded. Granted, I am still looking for a job that I deserve - one that I am suited for - for the right compensation. I have not yet resorted to looking for something that I am over qualified (and under compensated) for.

During my first 5 weeks of unemployment I kept myself busy networking, looking for work the traditional way, and participating in LOC (see previous posts) as a sponsor liaison. LOC was a great success, but now it has moved on to other cities. Looking for jobs the traditional way and networking has turned into a part time job instead of a full time job, because eventually you get to the point where you are ahead of the curve and don't have to spend everyday on it.

What now? MORE PROJECTS, that's what! I am finding new things to get involved with that will help keep my skills sharp and ready for the next opportunity. Some of the projects are work related, but others are personal endeavors that I've always wanted to do but have not had the chance. These are the things I plan to blog about, as I move from Plan A to Plan B.

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